Personal Styling & Shopping services 

Image Consultations

Every consultation starts with an analysis of your wardrobe needs and current lifestyle. We will start by having you complete a style intake form here. From there we will access the basic needs and which direction we should go. The free 30-min consultations can be completed in person, via phone, or completing the form on your own and emailing us directly at

Closet Clean-outs & Organization

How often do you stare into your wardrobe and exclaim, 'I have nothing to wear!'? 

Getting dressed is a routine we all go through, every single morning. But sometimes it doesn't always go right which can affect the rest of your day. How you look, and more importantly how you feel in what you are wearing, can really affect your mindset and your confidence. My favorite saying "when you look good, you feel good". 

It's true that most women wear a mere 20% of their clothing, 80% of the time. The other 80% usually consist of a mass amount of items you either can't fit or don't know how to wear. Our goal is to create a closet that you love 100%


Sound familiar? You can book a closet clean-out today and solve this problem right away. We come to your home and raid your closet to find the gems that are already there. People tend to forget about the hidden treasures already locked away in their closet and we help you discover those forgotten and unworn pieces. This helps you to maximize your current wardrobe. MORE  BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

Each item gets sorted into one of three piles: "WE LOVE IT", "NEEDS SOME ALTERATIONS", and "SOMEBODY ELSE NEEDS IT MORE" piles. We examine your items to create the foundation for an amazing wardrobe that supports your desired image and lifestyle. We'll give honest and insightful feedback on what's happening with you and your closet. 

We'll place every item in the most efficient and accessible position so you will be able to easily find and combine items. Now is the time to create stylish outfits from your existing wardrobe which later determines what we need to add to it. We will provide tips and tricks to help with maximizing your wardrobe to its fullest potential. We pinpoint gaps in your wardrobe and provide recommendations to create a whole and balanced wardrobe.

If you don’t love it, it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t flatter or it doesn’t suit your lifestyle – it doesn't belong hanging in your wardrobe! My goal is to bring clarity to your wardrobe. 

Your Closet Clean-out and Organization Session includes:

  • Pre-session questionnaire so that I can understand more about who you are in order to make sure your clothes serve you

  • Assessment of your shape, and current lifestyle.

  • Advice and consultation on what will suit you best - we'll discuss colors, cuts, fabrics, styles, and sizes.

  • Going through each item in your wardrobe to determine which items are working for you and which are not.

  • Showing you how to create new outfits from the items you already have (including pictures if you like).

  • A Body Shape Analysis to guide you with future wardrobe decisions.

  • We can also look through shoes and accessories if time permits.

  • Closet organization.

I guarantee that after our session you’ll feel refreshed and revived. You will be ecstatic knowing you are one step closer to creating easier mornings for you.

A standard closet clean-out and organization session will last up to 4 hours with a minimum of 2.5 hours and starts at $250 per session. If you have a particularly large wardrobe, please let me know in advance. Additional hours can be booked from $45 per hour. 

*Additional costs may incur to cover travel expenses. 

The next step is to fill in your wardrobe gaps by booking a personal shopping spree. 


Personal Shopping

The perfect solution for those that hate shopping, don't have the time for it, or are guilty of one too many impulsive buys.

Even though I love shopping, I realise not all women share my passion. Fortunately my sessions take all the stress and headaches out of shopping. My professional knowledge of the latest seasonal trends and your own personal requirements will ensure that your session will be a rewarding and beneficial experience. In fact, many clients even say they save money with this focused approach! The key to shopping is purchasing new pieces that play well with your existing items you already own. We'll help you figure out how to look and feel the way you WANT to look and feel. We encourage individuality, distinctiveness, and experimentation to discover your true, unique style. We'll show you how to strengthen your personal style and shop effectively for your lifestyle. No more confused shopping trips or coming home with mediocre pieces that you barely wear, wasted money on, or don't feel attractive in. We make shopping easy for you. Shopping with you, shopping for you, dressing room pulls, in your home pulls, running returns for you, or a combo of specialized services: we figure out what works best for you!

Your session can be tailored to suit your needs - whether that be to update your current wardrobe with seasonal trends; to find the basics to build a strong foundation; or to find the perfect outfit for an upcoming event (or whatever combination you need!). 

After your shopping spree(s), you can choose a follow up closet consult where we introduce your new items to your current items and create even more stylish pairings.

Upon request, we will do a look book for you, which comes at a discounted rate when you book a personal shopping session. We take photos of your new outfits for your future reference to insure that style excellence is achieved with every outfit!

We work with every type of client of any age and struggling with any image-related issue.

Whether you're in the dating scene looking for love, require a polishing up of your corporate image, or need a life-changing self esteem and confidence boost, we want to help!

Your Personal Shopping session will include:

  • Pre shop questionnaire so that I can understand more about who you are in order to prepare for your session

  • A selection of clothing ready upon your arrival

  • Per request, we can complete the look for every outfit with shoes, bags, and jewelry (optional).

  • I'll take photos along the way - so you can remind yourself of how we styled each outfit (optional).

  • I'll teach you what shapes work and which to avoid as well as styling tips to pull every outfit together.

Whatever your budget, I'll be sure that you get the most out of it. No impulse buys that will later be returned or even worse, sit in your closet with the tags still on for years at a time. 

A standard Personal Shopping session which includes 3 hours of shopping time (and one hour of my time, prior to your arrival) starts at $195. If you want a full new wardrobe, including shoes and accessories, you can book a full day session of 5 hours for $325. 

Additional hours may be purchased at $45 per hour. Please discuss this with me prior to your appointment.

* Additional costs may incur for travel expenses.

Online Virtual Styling

Achieve your style and image goals from anywhere in the world.

Have you lost your way with fashion but just aren't really sure where to start? Have you been wanting ParkerJai to style you and help make you over but you live on the other side of the world? Maybe you're just uncomfortable with the idea of someone coming into your home and personal space and want to opt out of the in-person styling experience. My online styling sessions are great for those that need some stylish guidance. Online virtual styling can conveniently bring a premier personal styling experience right to your front door. Clients from all around the world are improving their images and refreshing their wardrobes with the power of modern technology.

All you need to do is fill out an online questionnaire and send me a few snapshots of yourself.

Our Virtual Styling Services include:


Via photography, mood boards, and Skype (or Facetime) sessions, we can help you assess what is and isn't working with your wardrobe, make shopping suggestions to fill in the gaps, and give recommendations of how to achieve a great wardrobe according to your tastes, lifestyle, and personality.


ParkerJai can help you find the right pieces through online shopping suggestions. Based on your lifestyle, tastes, body type, and budget, your stylist will help you discover the shops that are right for you.


Want an easy way to remember great combinations of outfits from your wardrobe?

Our customized style look books are crafted as a visual aid to help you completely utilize your wardrobe, accessories, and shoes.

Reference your style book to remember how to put together striking outfits and recall what accessories go with what items.

Especially during busy times, these books can be invaluable.

You will take photographs of the pieces in your wardrobe, new and old, and your stylist will help you create looks and outfits.

Your personalized online virtual style session includes:

  • A Body Shape Profile - which will tell you what your shape is, and include

  • A shopping list - the classic items that you NEED to have hanging in your wardrobe.

  • My stylist top tips - my secret tricks for always looking stylish and well put together.

  • Three Ask Me Anythings - your chance to solve your personal style dilemmas

All of this for just $100! 

Please allow up to 10 business days for your completed style session to be sent to you. During busier periods, this time may slightly increase but I will always confirm this with you before any payment is taken. 


Shop Your Closet

Maybe you don't need the closet clean-out, the personal shopping experience is not something you actually need or want to experience, or you still need that in person interaction but just can't afford it. The shop your closet session is the perfect option for you!

Easy, breezy, simplistic option that allows me to come into your home, access your wardrobe, and choose outfits that works best for you. This service is usually completed on a weekly basis and you do have the option to book on a monthly recurring basis. 

The Shop Your Closet session includes: 

  • A style intake questionnaire that helps me understand more about what you need for that week and events you will attend.
  • Hand picked selections from your closet of items that you already own. 
  • A completed look from head to toe that consists of shoes, bags, and jewelry/accessories.
  • I'll take photos along the way - so you can remind yourself of how we styled each outfit (optional) and compile them into a look book. 

The shop your closet session includes up to 3 hours of shopping time, priced at $25 per outfit. Additional hours may be purchased at $45 per hour. Please note that the look book option is an additional charge at $45. 

Photoshoot/ Editorial Wardrobe Styling

Looking to tell a story or convey a certain brand identity? I will curate original looks specifically for your editorial, video, or photo shoot through high quality styling. I will hand pull or borrow clothing from selected contacts.

The client has the option to provide a budget specifically geared towards the purchasing of clothing items. The client will still be charged a styling fee and/or travel fee but will be allowed to keep all items that are purchased. 

Rates for the photoshoot/editorial styling sessions start at $200 and range up, depending on the number of looks needed and/or travel expenses. 

Creating high fashion looks and having full range of creative direction is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to personal styling. Looking to hire someone to direct the creative aspect of your photo shoot or brand look book while you focus specifically on what you do best? Arrange a consultation with me to inquire about hiring me as the creative director! Rates for this service start at $350 and range up depending on number of looks needed, the utilization of other hired professionals and their rates.


Model Bookings

Need a model/s for your next big event, video shoot, or photoshoot? I have tons of access to an array of different models from all shapes and sizes. Ask us about our modeling rates start at $50 per hour. 

See modeling portfolio here.

See Style clients here.

To book your personal styling session or for more information, contact us for more info or to set up an appointment! Email